HHR036 - Dain Griffin "Dead Flowers"02/03/2023 · Hidden Home Records · HHR036

About this release: Once dubbed the "Southwest Emo Prince" by a fan, Dain Griffin is known for his songwriting prowess influenced by second-wave bands like Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids - and he was writing in that style before any "emo revival" was popularized. Formerly the singer of Arizona's Merit, Dain's back after an extended musical break with a solo effort, this time reflecting on life from the perspective of someone who's grown up and got their shit together, not the self-destruction so many of us partake in during our 20s. Fans of early 00s' emo are sure to love this.

FFO: The Early November, Hot Rod Circuit, Dashboard Confessional

Pressing info: 100 copies of random color vinyl.

HHR035 - Shrug Dealer "Infested"09/30/2022 · Hidden Home Records, ByPolar Records · HHR035

About this release: Grab your thinking caps, your skateboards, and 15 minutes of spare time, because Shrug Dealer is back with their new EP, "Infested." The band continues to wow us with relatable songwriting, complex musicianship, and of course, speed. Eght songs in fourteen minutes? Hell, I don’t even think Minor Threat did eight songs in fourteen minutes.

FFO: Lagwagon, Pup, Bad Religion

Pressing info: 300 copies of random color vinyl - co-released with ByPolar Records.

HHR034 - Rob Lanterman "Knock On Wood"2/9/2024 · Hidden Home Records · HHR034

Rob Lanterman wrote a book. OK, Rob Lanterman wrote some songs with his friends, got his sister to draw some pictures, and put the lyrics + pictures in a zine-ish thing (along with liner note/song explanations). Please understand: the physical component of this release IS the booklet. Anyone who's a fan of this label (which he runs (yes I'm writing in 3rd person)), or his bands (Shrug Dealer, Urban Outfielders, Sheep Among Wolves) or his other solo releases should check this out. Featuring members of Ingrown, Eichlers, Shrug Dealer, A Very Special Episode, and more.

FFO: Motion City Soundtrack, The Starting Line, Relient K

Pressing: 100 booklets

HHR033 - A Very Special Episode "FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE"10/12/2021 · Hidden Home Records, EWEL Records · HHR033

About this release: Few bands are as exciting as A Very Special Episode. This Post Punk/Noise Rock trio from Brooklyn checks all three boxes that make a band amazing: catchy, tight, and weird as fuck. They’re a wall of sound that you can sing along to and lose yourself in, at times violently and other times meditatively.

FFO: A Place to Bury Strangers, Savages, Sonic Youth

Pressing info: Red Black & Thunder 12” Vinyl, Black 12” Vinyl

HHR032 - Forever Unclean "Best"01/01/2022 · Hidden Home Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Nasty Cut Records · HHR032

What a fucking release. What a fucking band! As we’ve said, Forever Unclean is Denmark's best export, but they might also be Europe's best modern punk band. "Best" lives up to its name, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a three-piece as strong as this one anywhere. It's wild-spirited, over-the-top, sugar-overdose pop punk. There is really no band like Forever Unclean.

FFO: Rozwell Kid, Descendents, Weezer on drugs (but nothing like “We Are All On Drugs”)

Pressing info: Two variants of Yellow vinyl - SOLD OUT, Green cassette tapes

HHR031 - Whippin Shitties "Joyland"09/10/2021 · Hidden Home Records · HHR031

Boise’s best band with the word “shit” in the name. Whippin Shitties are a fantastic mix of midwest emo with songwriter pop punk and indie rock. They are where Algernon Cadwallader and Weezer meet. One of the Treasure Valley’s finest and most refreshing bands of the last 10 years to say the least. Yes, HHR made them cover The Cars, and yes, they were bitter.

FFO: Modern Baseball, Weezer, Mom Jeans

Pressing info: Coke Bottle Green 7” vinyl

HHR030 - Shrug Dealer "First EP"06/25/2021 · Hidden Home Records · HHR030

Skate punk isn't dead! Or is it? Regardless, Shrug Dealer is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the world of bands almost too informed by Punk-O-Rama samplers and NOFX CDs (yeah, I said it). Honest songwriting, off-kilter song structures, and those sweet, sweet guitarmonies abound on this NYC band's debut EP. If you've been struggling to find that kick in the ass you felt listening to Fat albums in the 90s, this might be the band for you.

FFO: Satanic Surfers, Lagwagon, Strung Out

Pressing info: Gold tapes

HHR029 - Dennis Jagard/Sef Idle/Rob Lanterman/Russ Worstell "Acoustic Split"04/08/2021 · Hidden Home Records, Simpul Records, People of Punk Rock Records · HHR029

The punk guy-gone acoustic pipeline is alive and well! Members of Ten Foot Pole, Shrug Dealer, and False Idle got together and carved out three tracks each to contribute to this release - aptly called, "Acoustic Split." You're looking at three-four eras of punk rock informing a four-way split by Dennis Jagard (TFP), Sef Idle (False Idle), Russ Worstell (SKiTTiSH iTZ, Shrug Dealer), and Rob Lanterman (Shrug Dealer). Each person contributed two originals and a cover of something decidedly not punk, and you might be surprised by what they decided on. But the only way you'll know is if you check it out!

FFO: Frank Turner, Tony Sly, Scorpios

Pressing info: 100 Blue Cassettes, each one hand-numbered.

HHR028 - Young, Planetary "Locations I Can't Place"08/07/2020 · Hidden Home Records · HHR028

"Locations I Can't Place" was the best post hardcore release of 2020, though the band couldn't tour on it due to - ahem - unforeseen circumstances. Being their fourth release, Young, Planetary took their time with this one, working with producer Aaron Williams and mix master Nik Bruzzese to create something slick, powerful, and big. It has everything - heavy parts, slow parts, fast parts, breakdowns, and ballads, without ever sounding overproduced or inorganic. If you've followed YP from the "Dead Letters" days, this is the release you've been waiting for. One of our best and we highly recommend it.

FFO: Basement, Title Fight, Man Overboard

Pressing info: Aquamarine Transparent 12” vinyl

HHR027 - Brainflakes "Someone, Somewhere"11/01/2019 · Hidden Home Records · HHR027

"Beard punk" may be an outdated term, but Brendon Crave - the man behind Brainflakes - does sound like he grows hair in his throat. So with that, beard punk emo guy Brendon aka Brainflakes is here with his debut EP, "Someone, Somewhere." The release is four tracks that dynamically pull at your heartstrings (like any emo record should) while sporting exemplary musicianship through the songs' angsty performances. In other words, Brainflakes kicks ass - can I get an amen?

FFO: Braid, The Felix Culpa, Hot Water Music

Pressing info: Silver Tapes.

HHR026 - Filthy Hearts "Beyond Repair"08/30/2019 · Hidden Home Records · HHR026

If you're unfamiliar with Denver punk rock, we'd like to introduce you to Filthy Hearts. As bitter as a Denver winter, this band is hard, biting, and fast. "Beyond Repair" is stacked with great sing-a-long anthems front to back and always incites a circle pit. “Beyond Repair” has been critically acclaimed by Ear Nutrition, Idioteq, and more.

FFO: Rise Against, Anti-Flag, The Menzingers

Pressing info: CDs and Green Tapes!

HHR025 - Various Artists "Do You Remember Punk Rock Comps? Vol. 2"08/23/2019 · Hidden Home Records · HHR025

Our second label comp, complete with Charlie the Dog on the cover! If you want a retrospective of what we did toward the end of the 2010s, this is a good overview of that. Exclusive tracks submitted by: Audio Karate, Watashi Wa Dance Party, MCKC, Rob Lanterman

FFO: Punk-O-Rama 2, Hopelessly Devoted To You Too, Mailorder Is Still Fun!!

Pressing info: CD Sleeves. Were supposed to be present at Fest 18, but S got F’d. You may have received one in an order.