A Very Special Episode

H.G. Wells wrote, “adapt or perish.” Brooklyn noise trio A Very Special Episode put their own spin on that with the title of their debut full-length, FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE, which frontwoman/bassist Kasey Heisler says is “a cautionary warning about hardening your hearts to people and ideas that you don’t understand.”

Granted, if embracing change is the name of the game, then you can track the band’s growth through the record itself. AVSE began tracking the album in 2019, and it was only half-done before the events of 2020 paused their recording. When you listen to FYHOD, you are listening to the band’s growth over the two years it took to record it.

But existing between two settings isn’t new territory for AVSE. Citing influences like Sonic Youth, Japanese Breakfast, and local heroes The Royal They, the band found the perfect balance between place-your-guitar-in-front-of-the-amp-and-light-the-drums-on-fire and I-can’t-go-out-tonight-I’m-journaling. There are times when FYHOD makes your blood rush like you’re about to be kicked off a cliff (“Weather The Storm,” “Introspectre”), and others where it invites you to sit and contemplate your life and position in the world (“Evergreene,” “Fuck Everything”). And yet, there are other parts where it holds you between those two extremes (“DFP,” "Cowboy”).

FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE is a powerful debut statement by A Very Special Episode, so now’s a good time to tune in. Look out for it on Oct 12th, '21 via Hidden Home and EWEL Records.

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HHR033 - A Very Special Episode "FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE"
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