Hidden Home Records started in 2015 as a small bedroom operation in Boise ID. Through the years, the label has evolved into a slightly more popular (but still small) bedroom operation. Boasting 30+ releases from an international roster (yet strongly focused in the Pacific Northwestern USA), we have worked hard to retain our status as silly people putting out music by bands we believe you need to hear.

We are:
Rob Lanterman (owner/founder/web/PR)
Mike Menendez (mail guy/sex appeal)
Charlie the dog (dog)

Email us:

Order wholesale (for stores and distros):

Call us:
Just kidding, don’t.

Send us hate mail (we check it once a year):
2615 Columbia Pike #628
Arlington, VA, 22204

F.A.Q. (Fucking Annoying Questions)

Will you put my band’s record out on vinyl?

My band wants to release a record next week/next month - will you guys put it out for us?

I haven’t received my order yet - do you know when it will be here?
Email us at hiddenhomerecords@gmail.com and we’ll let you know! If it’s late and we haven’t mailed it out yet, we’ll include extra goodies for you.

Can I sell your records in my store/distro?
Most likely! Hit us up at hiddenhomerecords@gmail.com

Can you help us book a show in Boise/Idaho?
Probably not - neither of us have lived there for several years now. However, we'd recommend hitting up the Boise Hardcore or All Ages Boise Facebook Groups, as well as Underdogs Boise, a new all-ages nonprofit ran by good people.

Will you listen to our music?
YES!!! It may take us a hot minute but we listen to everything people send us and respond to each email we receive. Send a streaming link or a free download to hiddenhomerecords@gmail.com, as well as some information about your band. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, send a physical copy to our mailing address (listed above), which we'll check on our annual hate mail run.