HHR024 - Urban Outfielders "Out of This World"04/19/2019 · Hidden Home Records · HHR024

Urban Outfielders’ return to Hidden Home Records is like the Mets going back to Citi Field after they started playing games at MSG for some dumb reason (this didn't happen but just imagine it did). Without a doubt, they are the #1 Boise pop punk band currently active. On "Out of this World," you'll find songs about baseball, love, and loss. More specifically, you might learn about Ichiro Suzuki, alien outfield invasions, how much Deano loves doin' it ("it" is a lot of things, actually) with Ramona, and of course, Big League Chew™.

FFO: Wicked Bears, Masked Intruder, Blink-182

Pressing info: Black/White double-sided tapes. White j-cards and black-j cards.

HHR023 - The Survivalists "Everything Is Awful"10/26/2018 · Hidden Home Records · HHR023

About this release: This album is 11 tracks of smart and vulnerable folk punk. If you’re looking for something raw, gritty, stripped down, and full of substance, Canada’s The Survivalists are hard to beat. Plus, how many DIY bands create their own video game to go with an album? Genius.

FFO: Daze n Daze, I Killed Cameron, Ghost Mice

Pressing info: CDs with a video game attached

HHR022 - Audio Karate "Space Camp" (Re-issue)07/06/2018 · Hidden Home Records, Wiretap Records, Kung Fu Records · HHR022

Originally released on Kung Fu in the early ‘00s, Audio Karate is a cult-favorite, often overlooked band from the post-Fat emerging punk/emo scene. Few bands from that era are as intelligent and technically talented as they are ear candy. But Audio Karate had it all. Oh - did we mention Trevor Keith of Face to Face produced this record?

FFO: The Ataris, No Knife, Useless ID

Pressing info: Electric Blue Vinyl (SOLD OUT), Black Vinyl

HHR021 - Forever Unclean "Woof"06/01/2018 · Hidden Home Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Pee Records, Bearded Punk Records · HHR021

One of two bands that we’ve worked with after they reached out to us - because they’re just that damn good. Songwriter pop punk on 500 cups of coffee all the way from Denmark. You may have seen them at Fest, Manchester Punk Festival, or even opening up for the Descendents in Denmark one time.

FFO: The Burnt Tapes, Jeff Rosenstock, Devon Kay & The Solutions

Pressing info: Pink and White 7”s - SOLD OUT

HHR020 - Watashi Wa Dance Party "Skate Pop Suicide"05/18/2018 · Hidden Home Records · HHR020

When I heard this six-track EP at the tail end of 2017, I thought “this is exactly what I want in a punk band.” Fast, catchy as hell, and paying heavy homage to Japanese skate punk.

FFO: Dustbox, Hi-Standard, The English theme song of your favorite Anime

Pressing info: CDs

HHR019 - MCKC "IS OK"04/18/2018 · Hidden Home Records · HHR019

MCKC - the stage name for Casey Keele of Wicked Bears - brings his brand of punk guy goes folk (read: not folk punk) to the mix - complete with a full band!

FFO: Frank Turner, Tony Sly, Beans on Toast

Pressing info: CDs sold at a release show in the late 2010’s.

HHR018 - Nerve Clinic "Nerve Clinic"02/16/2018 · Hidden Home Records · HHR018

Hooky, melodic songwriting for fans of early '00s pop punk and pop rock. Nerve Clinic is the solo project of Chase Griffis, who you may have seen in bands like Reviver, Heartless Breakers, Run Into The Sun, and Cityghost. While his other bands tend to have a harder or more emotional disposition, his solo project Nerve Clinic is more of a full-blast, perfect pop anthem hit machine that keeps it summer all year round.

FFO: The American Pie Soundtrack

Pressing info: Red Imprinted Tapes

HHR017 - Carry on, Kid "We Belong To Each Other"01/12/2018 · Hidden Home Records · HHR017

Carry on, Kid is that positive emo band you’ve been waiting to hear. From the tiny town of Rexburg, ID, these kids did a great job of writing a nostalgic, heart-on-your-sleeve songs that you can still circle pit to. The bass player of this band was Mike Menendez, who is now one of the owners of Hidden Home Records.

FFO: The Early November, The Dangerous Summer, The Starting Line

Pressing info: SOLD OUT - CDs and Purple tapes

HHR016 - Wicked Bears "Tuning Out"10/13/2017 · Hidden Home Records, La Escalera Records, Dopey Goat Records, Def Cow Records · HHR016

“Tuning Out” by Wicked Bears is Salt Lake City’s best pop punk album of the last five years. Are we biased? Hell yeah we are, but don’t take our word for it - the album got critical acclaim from Razorcake, Dying Scene, Colin’s Punk Rock World, AND Musically Fresh (now known as Ear Nutrition). The punk rock world loves it - and you will too.

FFO: Red City Radio, Masked Intruder, The Bombpops

Pressing info: Red Vinyl, Pink tapes, and CDs

HHR015 - Pop Warner "Pop Warner"08/11/2017 · Hidden Home Records · HHR015

It’s about time we got a band that sings like they’ve got a beard in their throat! Utah’s Pop Warner EP is the PNW’s thoughtful response to the Gainseville sound. Five Songs of introspective, carefully crafted songwriter punk that the world could use more of.

FFO: Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Brainflakes

Pressing info: Clear cassette tapes and CDs.

HHR014 - Casual Friday "Weekend Forever"07/21/2017 · Hidden Home Records, Open Door Records, Counter Intuitive Records, Celebrity Punk House · HHR014

Casual Friday is to The Blue Album in the way that Prince Daddy & The Hyena is to Pinkerton. Does that make sense? Imagine your favorite local punk/DIY band listened to nothing but Blue for a year straight and then wrote 10 songs. Bam - you have this feel-good masterpiece by Corona, CA’s best.

FFO: Piebald, Weezer, Ozma

Pressing info: Seafoam Vinyl - Sold Out. Note: This was our first vinyl release!!

HHR013 - Young, Planetary "I Am The Night And You're The Sunrise"06/30/2017 · Hidden Home Records · HHR013

Young, Planetary’s heaviest release, though still complete with some great, more emotional ballad-y tracks. Metalcore influences abound - perfect for room moshing with your friends before Mom gets home and makes you eat your string beans.

FFO: Hopesfall, Title Fight, Senses Fail

Pressing info: CDs with artwork by Ryan De La Rosa