HHR012 - Destroy Nate Allen "With Our Powers Combined" (Re-issue)06/05/2017 · Hidden Home Records · HHR012

Ahhh this record. A great and silly ska punk record by folk punk’s cutest duo, Destroy Nate Allen. The record features Gnarboots, aka the guys who now host the In Defense of Ska Podcast. One of them was in Link 80 as well - so the ska cred is strong with this one. It was a big pleasure to re-release it after being a fan for years.

FFO: Gnarboots, Five Iron Frenzy, Blaster the Rocket Man, Paul Baribeau

Pressing info: Pink-splattered tapes. The B-side includes the demos for each song and then some that made it on this record.

HHR011 - Rob Lanterman "Gingerkicker"03/03/2017 · Hidden Home Records · HHR011

Uh oh! Not only does Rob Lanterman run Hidden Home Records, but he makes music for you to sing along and get sad to! He was just a boy - or a tiny man - with his acoustic guitar when he put this out. Now he records with a band, but this is the real, raw, uncut deal. Get with it!

FFO: Frank Turner, Dashboard Confessional, Micah Schnabel

Pressing info: 100-120 or so CDs made.

HHR010 - Various Artists "Do You Remember Punk Rock Comps? Vol. 1"02/24/2017 · Hidden Home Records · HHR010

Assuming you’re not too young, or you had an older sibling who was also into cool punk music, you probably DO remember punk rock comps. $3 Label samplers at your local record stores, cheap Warped Tour & Atticus CDs - this was our stab at that sorta thing. And you know what? We did a pretty good job. Our lineup really catered to this idea, some even sent us unrelease tracks, and we couldn’t be prouder of how this one turned out.

FFO: Punk-O-Rama, Hopelessly Devoted To You, Mailorder Is Fun!

Pressing info: CDs - mostly given out for free with orders and on the 2017 MC Lars Tour with Mega Ran & Big O

HHR009 - Urban Outfielders "The Grandest Slams"01/27/2017 · Hidden Home Records, Ronald Records · HHR009

One-two-three strikes - you’re out! Hidden Home and Ronald Records bring you the greatest baseball punk rock-and-roll band of all time (no offense to the other three or so bands that fit that description), Urban Outfielders. Featuring members of… well, that’s not important. What IS important is that every song on this is a home run - clever as hell, catchy as all get out, and Ramones as fuck. Actually, the only HHR release to ever get a 5/5 from New Noise Magazine. That’s pretty sick, yeah?

FFO: Ramones, Ramones, Ramones

Pressing info: CDs and paint-splattered cassette tapes.

HHR008 - Young, Planetary "Wilt"10/07/2016 · Hidden Home Records · HHR008

"Wilt" is the first official full-length by our very own Young, Planetary. Heavier than the preceding EP, "Dead Letters," this release was truly the shape of YP to come. Trevor Villagrana - the man behind the project - really outdid himself on the songwriting for this one.

FFO: Title Fight, Hopesfall, Senses Fail

Pressing info: CDs

HHR007 - Union Stockyards "Two Things At Once"09/30/2016 · Hidden Home Records · HHR007

Hailing from Canada, Union Stockyards plays melodic hardcore for fans of Hello Bastards by Lifetime and similar records.

This is a re-issue of both the TRACKS EP and the self-titled EP. Title/Cover is an obvious Descendents rip. I was really scared that Greg Ginn would sue us when we put this out. He didn't.

FFO: Lifetime, Propagandhi, Daggermouth

Pressing info: Green and blue tapes with a white paint splatter (courtesy of Ronald Records) were made.

HHR006 - SKiTTiSH iTZ "BACK TO REALiTY"07/22/2016 · Hidden Home Records · HHR006

The FiNAL release by Boise pop punk heroes SKiTTiSH iTZ. Best band. Best people. Unconventional instrumentation snuck under catchy hooks and top-notch songwriting.

FFO: Millencolin, Goldfinger, Piebald

Pressing info: CDs and Green Tapes made. Green is cool.

HHR005 - Sheep Among Wolves/CROWN "Split"05/29/2016 · Hidden Home Records, Local Colour Records · HHR005

The FINAL release by both Sheep Among Wolves and CROWN.

FFO: La Dispute, Defeater, Transit

Pressing info: Only 15 cassettes were made, all hand-numbered.

HHR004 - Wicked Bears "Wicked Bears"04/30/2016 · Hidden Home Records · HHR004

The first release by Salt Lake City’s mighty Wicked Bears. This release had a strong Lookout! Records sound, but a little more Descendents than Green Day. 6 Songs of amazing songwriting jammed with speed, energy, and precision.

FFO: Green Day, Descendents, The Ergs

Pressing info: CDs and Tapes made - first pressing of both Sold Out. The Second Pressing CDs are still in print.

HHR003 - Young, Planetary "Dead Letters"09/18/2015 · Hidden Home Records · HHR003

Young, Planetary is an emo band from Boise, and the brainchild of singer/guitarist Trevor Villagrana. This EP was recorded in part by Sam Pura at Panda Studios (The Story So Far, Basement) in Fremont, CA, and in part at Osmosis Studios in Boise, ID. It is YP’s first official release.

FFO: Title Fight, Basement, Superheaven

Pressing info: Tapes & CDs made. CDs are completely gone. Tapes are white, decorated with blue paint splatter by the folks at Ronald Records - very small amount left.

HHR002 - CROWN "I See the Worst in People and See the Devil in Me"05/18/2015 · Hidden Home Records, Local Colour Records · HHR002

CROWN was a fantastic melodic hardcore band from the UK. Originally released in 2014 through our friends at Local Colour Records in the UK, re-issued in 2015 by HHR.

FFO: Defeater, Superheaven, Verse

Pressing info: Only 15 cassettes were made, all hand-numbered. They were dubbed at home using cassettes contributed by Clyde Webb aka Hot Leather when we were just starting the label. I cannot tell you what's on the B-Side.

HHR001 - Sheep Among Wolves "Mixed Nuts"03/21/2015 · Hidden Home Records · HHR001

Sheep Among Wolves was an emo/punk band from the City of Trees (aka Boise, ID). This is the first release showcasing their move toward a more “punk” sound, after starting as an acoustic poetry project.

FFO: La Dispute, Transit, Taking Back Sunday

Pressing info: CDs - Sold out