Rob Lanterman - "Knock On Wood" ZINE BOOKLET/DOWNLOAD
$4.00 - $5.00

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Rob Lanterman - "Knock On Wood" ZINE BOOKLET/DOWNLOAD
$4.00 - $5.00

Label owner/third-person bio writer Rob Lanterman is here with his new EP he's been sitting on for 6 EFFIN' YEARS because he's been too busy putting out other people's records! Recorded in 2018 with Charlie Ritch (Ingrown, Rejection Pact, Stepbrothers), the release is a whopping 7 songs of full-band goodness featuring guest vocals from everyone and their respective dogs. The release is being sold as a Zine/Booklet with individual art done for each song by Katelyn Lanterman (the artist's sister) and liner notes about the writing of the songs/making of the album as well as the lyrics. All songs recorded and performed by Rob Lanterman & Charlie. Guest backing vocals by Russ Worstell from Shrug Dealer.

FFO The Hotelier, Motion City Soundtrack, Relient K

1. It's Like You're Dead Feat. Russ Worstell (Shrug Dealer, SKiTTiSH iTZ)
2. Too Personal Feat. Randy Moore (Get Married, Dan Andriano) & Vaughn Sutterman (Smoking Data Guns, Casual Friday)
3. Don't Shoot Feat. Kasey Porter (A Very Special Episode)
4. Can't Think About It Now Feat. Darian Renee
5. Collector
6. Umtitled Feat. Casey Keele (Wicked Bears, MCKC)
7. Mutil8 Me Feat. Breakfast in Silence (Russ Wood aka Eichlers & Ash Bassett of Rotten Boys)

Track Listing

  1. It's Like You're Dead (Feat. Russ Worstell)
  2. Too Personal (Feat. Randy Moore & Vaughn Sutterman)
  3. Don't Shoot (Feat. Kasey Porter)
  4. Can't Think About It Now (Feat. Darian Renee)
  5. Collector
  6. Umtitled (Feat. MCKC)
  7. Mutil8 Me (Feat. Breakfast in Silence)

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