The Survivalists - "Everything is Awful"
$5.00 - $10.00

  • The Survivalists -

The Survivalists - "Everything is Awful"
$5.00 - $10.00

About this release: This album is 11 tracks of smart and vulnerable folk punk. If you’re looking for something raw, gritty, stripped down, and full of substance, Canada’s The Survivalists are hard to beat. Plus, how many DIY bands create their own video game to go with an album? Genius.

FFO: Daze n Daze, I Killed Cameron, Ghost Mice

Pressing info: CDs with a video game attached

Track Listing

  1. Cheese Lust
  2. Into The Brew
  3. Wil Wheaton
  4. Chained Together
  5. Bass Song
  6. Home II
  7. Trash People
  8. Sloth
  9. Spin The Wheel
  10. Everything Is Awful
  11. Burial Ground

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