Destroy Nate Allen - "With Our Powers Combined"
$5.00 - $7.00

  • Destroy Nate Allen -

Destroy Nate Allen - "With Our Powers Combined"
$5.00 - $7.00

Ahhh this record. A great and silly ska punk record by folk punk’s cutest duo, Destroy Nate Allen. The record features Gnarboots, aka the guys who now host the In Defense of Ska Podcast. One of them was in Link 80 as well - so the ska cred is strong with this one. It was a big pleasure to re-release it after being a fan for years.

FFO: Gnarboots, Five Iron Frenzy, Blaster the Rocket Man, Paul Baribeau

Pressing info: Pink-splattered tapes. The B-side includes the demos for each song and then some that made it on this record.

Track Listing

  1. Waking Up Is Hard to Do
  2. Emergency
  3. Chick Flick
  4. We Talk Occasionally On the Internet
  5. Our First Apartment (Ghetto)
  6. Boobie Bar
  7. Long Weekend Blues
  8. Distracted Nate-O-Bot
  9. El Diablo Tacos Are the Best
  10. Hospital
  11. I Need to Know
  12. We're Gonna Make It
  13. Almost Out of Texas
  14. Vegetables
  15. Great Idea

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