Rob Lanterman - "Gingerkicker"

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Rob Lanterman - "Gingerkicker"

Uh oh! Not only does Rob Lanterman run Hidden Home Records, but he makes music for you to sing along and get sad to! He was just a boy - or a tiny man - with his acoustic guitar when he put this out. Now he records with a band, but this is the real, raw, uncut deal. Get with it!

FFO: Frank Turner, Dashboard Confessional, Micah Schnabel

Pressing info: 100-120 or so CDs made.

Track Listing

  1. My February
  2. Unsympathetic
  3. This Can t Work
  4. Brothers
  5. Closing Song
  6. Everything I Know
  7. No Good
  8. The Great Physician
  9. I Hope You're Never Alone Again
  10. Fooled
  11. Open Book
  12. December 6th
  13. You Wouldn't Believe It

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